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Submitted on
October 4, 2008


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Vexelove's Selection

Great artwork from DA's Vexel and Vector gallery selected for you by the vexelove staff members.

Featured by lilvdzwan
:thumb61151208: plaid-aid by livelyarsenic
Earache by ChewedKandi The Snow Triplets by weirdink baslikli kiz by bboypion

Featured by shebid
:thumb97613722: control by cryssy Elise by lanitta
Passion of nature by Ahmad9292 something special. by kaarolcia :thumb97175748:

Featured by jussta
Jonathan Rhys Meyers by pixellorac Garden of Sadness by womanwithagun jolie by spidolhitam
lollipop lady by sancsky Seven days a week... by Soration The Zebra Shirt by kngzero

Featured by Mirabel
Kelly Carlson Vexel by davidnanchin April by leighyoung and i'm still by balung
:thumb58340406: at her strongest by wickedmikel learn to ride by StevenZ

Vexelove's Extra Feature - October


Who is "trueblu"? Could you tell us something about you?
"'trueblu' is a name my friend made up years ago when I first joined DA, I personally don't like it anymore, but it stuck and I can't be bothered to change it now heh. in real life - name is Rachel, I'm 23 years of age, and I am from the north east of England. I just graduated university last year and since have been working as a freelance illustrator."

Why and when did you start appreciating art?
"Ever since I was little and could use a pencil, I was always drawing - anything and everything I could see! I've always loved art, in every aspect of the subject - there are so many interesting things to see and be inspired by."

Do you look up to any artist in particular?
"I absolutely LOVE the illustrations and artwork by vault49, they're not a ' particular artist ' - more of a team of artists, but I just think they create such beautiful and imaginative iamges, they incorporate alot of surreal elements and textures, they always manage to inspire me.
I love Autumn Whitehursts fashion illustrations too, they flow so beautifully, they just look effortless."

How would you describe your art?
"I think my work is quite ' bohemian-esque ', a bit quirky, colourful, quite heavily influenced by fashion and music. My work is a combination of different things, I love colour and texture, I create alot of multi-layered pieces. Recently I've been combining vector work and mixed media and experimenting with the effects."

What do you think differs your art from others?
"I like to think my work is quite bold, I think its quite personal and stylistic to me, even through different mediums my work manages to keep a certain ' style ' about it."

What are you currently working on? What can we expect from you in future?
"At the minute I'm working on a couple of illustration pieces for a local magazine, and I'm working on a collaboration with Marleen (womanwithagun) I've never collaborated with anyone before, it's exciting!:D
For the future, hmm.. I'd just like to continue illustrating and developing my work, I really want to start involving photography in my work, I just need a few photographers to lend me some pictures to play with ;) hehe"

What are your 3 favourite deviations from your own gallery and why?
"I didn't think this piece would quite get the reaction that it did, i never expected it to be a daily deviation :D I'm very pleased with it though, I had fun with it."

"I asked my friend to write down a word and I would illustrate it, and this was the result :) I like the freedom of it."

"This one, was the result of watching a feature on tv about 'stars and stripes' in fashion, I quite like the layout of it, it looks better in print than online in my opinion though :)"

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