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Welcome to vexelove's brand new advertising blog :dummy: Hosting a contest or collab? Doing commissions? Planning an art-trade? Let us know and we'll pimp it here!

Everything listed must have something to do with vector or vexel, or be something that vector and vexel artists can take part in. There are three parts to this blog, as follows:

:bulletpink: Vexelove Events - Under this section you will find anything and everything that this group is currently hosting
:bulletpink: Community Events - This section is where all of your things will be published, split into sections of Contests, Collaborations, Commissions & Other (which can include chat events, news articles, features, etc)
:bulletpink: dA Official Events - This section will advertise anything vector and vexel that has been organised by our lovely deviantART Volunteers, which could include contests, chat events, or Project Educate weeks, for example

To get whatever you're doing listed here, please send a note to TheLastHuzzah with the subject "Vexelove Pimps" and I'll add it here for you :la: In your note, include all the relevant information (ie, what it is, start date, any deadlines, vector/vexel, etc) and a link to the blog or deviation where all the info is held.

:star: Vexelove Events

:bulletpink: :new: Divided Collab 16 - Grab a piece and lets get our pen tool on! !!There are still a few pieces left!!
:bulletpink: Outer Space/Extraterrestrial Contest - Vexel & Vector // Deadline January 3rd 2013
:bulletpink: Collaboration Inspiration - Collabs with your fellow group members // No deadline

:star: Community Events

:bulletblue: Contests
:bulletpink: None

:bulletblue: Collaborations
:bulletpink: None

:bulletblue: Commissions
:bulletpink: :new: Vector Points Commissions offered by nicole-m-scott
:bulletpink: Vector/Vexel Christmas Special offered by TheLastHuzzah
:bulletpink: Vector/Vexel Portraits offered by caffeinesoup

:bulletblue: Other
:bulletpink: Vexel Selection #3 - Vexel art features

:star: dA Official Events

:bulletpink: October Vexel DD Round-Up
:bulletpink: October Vector CR Update & DD Round-Up

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Submitted on
November 22, 2012